About Vooght-Cathrew

The owner of and Principal Craftsman at Vooght-Cathrew is Adrian Williams.

Adrian has a long established background in the field of sustainability after originally training as a scientist. Adrian established Vooght-Cathrew in 2015 after (re)training as a cabinet maker in order to explore a more artistic element.

Vooght-Cathrew specialises in the sustainable production of wooden furniture and art. We take care to select beautiful grain on wood and show it to maximum effect. Quite simply, Vooght-Cathrew is for those who appreciate wood as one of nature finest character materials.

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What do we specialise in?

At Vooght-Cathrew, we’re happy to make basic furniture but we also love to produce:

  • curved work
  • avant-garde furniture
  • creative artwork
  • clocks

What woods do we favour?

If I can find them, I like to use British grown trees and often native species.  In particular I like:

  • Laburnam – an intensely rich dark and highly figured wood.  Outstanding when polished.
  • Yew – traditionally used in the UK for making archery bows but it’s great for fine woodworking too.  Yew has a warm highly figured brown colour with a stunning contrasting cream coloured edging.
  • Oak – The traditional wood for furniture, it can have highly patterned ‘rays’ within the wood giving it a unique instantly recognisable aesthetic appeal.
  • Cherry – a warm golden brown with swirling patterns this versatile wood works well  for many furniture projects.
  • Elm – not so easily found now but it was traditionally used widely in British furniture thanks to its appealing rustic grain and warm chocolate colour.
  • Sweet Chestnut – Not widely seen in British homes, but this wood is under-rated with its subtle pattern and wonderful light but warm golden hue.
  • Ash – A nice looking, good all round timber with light colour.