Clock case in Yew

Here is another example of a lovely Vooght-Cathrew clock case.

Front view of this stunning clock, made entirely from Yew wood. Yew is a particularly beautiful timber with its rich contrasting orange and white tones and swirling figure. Entirely hand built using traditional techniques. Yew-framed glass doors at the front and rear. A real statement design craft piece.
View of the Yew clock from the rear showing the beautiful reconditioned movement (a Smiths of Enfield, British made movement, from around the 1930s-1940s).
Close up of the front showing the beautiful bookmatched front. This is created by slicing in half a piece of wood to give two symmetrical pieces that are then joined.
The clock is fitted with glass at the sides and rear door, to allow viewers to see the mechanics of the movement and striking in action.
Close up of front edge on base, showing stepped detail. This is mirrored on the underside of the top.
Yew clock, with door open to access winding holes.